Planet Pulp – The Vehicular Awesomecide Show

June's theme at Planet Pulp was based on pop-culture vehicles, so I picked the Mutt Cutts van from Dumb and Dumber. I've recently been playing around with different software packages and different techniques, and thought this would be a good chance to try a different approach. Normally I work mainly, or at least to start, with vectors, but this time round I went straight into Clip Studio Paint and painted the whole thing by (digital) hand.

I had some seperate sketches of Lloyd and Harry's heads that I was going to use in the final piece, but I totally forgot about them and ended up using the versions from the initial sketches instead. D'oh! Never mind.

Planet Pulp – Mutt Cutts
Planet Pulp – Mutt Cutts closeup
Planet Pulp – Mutt Cutts
Planet Pulp – Mutt Cutts closeup

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I was looking for a logo for a future project and contacted Simon as I'd been impressed with the illustrations on his website. From the vague brief that he was given, Simon produced multiple options, all of which were beyond my expectations. Once I'd chosen the most suitable, he added further embellishments that added real quality to the design. The design was turned round well within the timescale Simon was given and at a really reasonable price. Gordon Tennent, Sneakytrick

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