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All Hail the Real Ale

A while back I was playing around with hand-drawing lettering and I ended up making a little block of text saying "All hail the real ale". I really liked it, but as it was a personal project it wasn't really going to be used for anything.

Shortly afterwards I got a commission to do a beer-related logo for a local agency. After some discussion, I made a round of sketches and then roughly worked them up in Illustrator. I liked the direction it was going, however, the client decided they didn't want to be bound by the terms of our agreement and I had no choice but to stop working on the project.

By this point, I had two bits of two different beer-related logos, so I decided I should do something with them. I ended up reworking some of the elements from the second project and added them to the text I'd drawn, and decided to put the artwork to use on some koozies and bottle-opener keyrings.

Images are below, keyrings and koozies are available to buy in my shop.