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Illustration workshops

In October 2014 I was asked to run two illustration workshops at Beverley Literature Festival, one for children around 7–10 and one for 11-14ish, talking about designing characters and comics. The same weekend I was also asked if I'd take part in a storytelling and illustration session at the Artwaves Festival in Bridlington (a lady called Frances Kelly would handle the storytelling side of things and I'd sketch and draw things from the stories she told with the kids). Luckily I was able to squeeze them both in to what amounted to be a very busy weekend.

Attached are a few of the images I sketched across the two days, some of which I might work on further when I have time. I had also meant to take a picture of the space in Beverley Library when I had everything set up, but I was distracted by the incredible reference books in the section we were in (Art of Disney, Marvel Comic Covers, etc). It was the perfect place to be talking about character designs and the like, we did end up flicking through some of the reference books for inspiration at one point.

Illustration workshop – Cave

Illustration workshop – Native American and villager

Illustration workshop – Hedgehog

Illustration workshop – Various requests

Illustration workshop – Strawberry jellyfish

And here's a small sample of the kind of thing the children were all making, some really, really interesting ideas and drawings. Great stuff!

Illustration workshop – Kids work sample

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