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Generative Art

For a long time I've been interested in Generative Art and have dabbled with programs like Processing and Nodebox, and frameworks like the Hype Framework (when it was still based on ActionScript), but never in a committed, sustained way. So when I saw that Joshua Davis was running a class called "Programming Graphics I: Introduction to Generative Art" on Skillshare I jumped at the chance to get a peek into his work process and the code behind it.

Below are a few examples of images created as a result of the lessons in that course. These are fairly basic for now, tapping into my love of patterns, grids, colours and randomness, which is basically what atttracted me to Generative Art in the first place. Next step is animating by code.

Update: I did also use the Hype Framework to add some random sprout generation to one of my recent illustrations.

Generative Art – Experiment R

Generative Art – Experiment N

Generative Art – Experiment P1

Generative Art – Experiment P2

Generative Art – Experiment P3

Generative Art – Experiment H

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